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Warm welcome and high respect for all our customers and readers. The main mission of our company is to provide for our clients the best professional real estate services in Russia. Russian Real Estate Ltd is one of the leading companies in Russian real estate service. We are specializing in selling and leasing agricultural, forest and industrial lands, acreages, farms and ranches, commercial property, houses, villas, apartments and other property in Russia. We are also ready to provide you with services for company registration, invitations for Russian visa, translation of documents, tax calculation, citizenship acquisition and other legal and business matters in Russia. Our specialists have a good practice and our service already highly recognized by many local and international customers.

Russian Real Estate Ltd was founded in 2014 by group of professional lawyers, real estate and business experts. We are have extensive experiences in providing high quality legal and business services that delight expectations of our international customers. Our team is bound to one word “integrity.” We apply it within any responsibility we undertake. Our service is complex and we are not interested in a quick and short-term profit. Our clients continue to work with us for a long time. We are have enough experiences in international market and we easily understand the interests and preferences of our customers. Feel free to contact with us. We are ready to answer any your questions and suggestions.  Russian Real Estate Ltd will give you free satisfied services if you are the tenant, buyer, or investor. Our commission will be charged from the property sellers and  owners.


Our vision is the best choice in the Russian real estate market. Task without vision is drudgery. Vision without task is dream. But task with vision is victory.


We are innovative to satisfy the needs of our clients through offering the highest quality real estate, legal and business services. We are working friendly, fast, fair and reliable. We are opening up Russia for honest international business.

Keys to success

  • Honestly reflection, responsible and friendly.
  • Being the fastest property market player by providing the information from first hand.
  • Provide the outsized property listings with the most accurate and updated news.
  • Quality service. Not only good property and land listings but also good employee, good working environment and quality support of every deal.


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New generation of grain dryer. Made in Russia.
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New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.
New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia. 25-year-old graduate student of the Faculty of Engineering of the Ulyanovsk Agrarian University Petr Ageev invented new generation of grain dryer. Made in Russia. And won a grant in the amount of 1 million 200 thousand to complete research work. It is dedicated to an apparatus that …
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Economy of Russia at nowadays
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Economy of Russia at nowadays
Economy of Russia at nowadays. The economy of Russia at nowadays is an economy organized on market capitalist principles, within which private, state-owned and mixed enterprises of various organizational and legal forms operate. Among this are dominated by enterprises with national, but there are also with foreign capital. At the end of 1991, the government …
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Chernozem - rich black soil in Russia
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Chernozem – rich black soil in Russia
Chernozem – rich black soil in Russia. “Chernozem – rich black soil in Russia is the fundamental, incomparable wealth of Russia …” (Mr. V.V. Dokuchaev. Russian chernozem, 1898) “Russia is the owner of a unique natural wealth – chernozem. It is not by chance that chernozem is considered the “king of the soil.” The soil …
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