Aqua Farms Development In Vladivostok


Free Port Regime Helps In Aqua Farms Development In Vladivostok

Kairos DV will invest about 300 million rubles in a project for aqua farms development in Vladivostok on Russian island in Primorsky territory. The project is supported by the Far East Agency for investment promotion and export support.

 aqua farms in Vladivostok

As explained by Valery Smirnov, senior specialist of the Department of investment projects of the ANO API, ” the aquafarm is already working, it grows oysters, mussels, sea urchins, scallops and trepang.” “The company regularly supplies its products to the markets of Vladivostok and Moscow. As part of the signed cooperation agreement, our Agency will help the investor prepare documents for obtaining the status of a free port resident. Thanks to this regime, the investor will receive tax preferences and administrative benefits and will be able to develop the business more actively. The amount of investment in the project will be about 300 million rubles, ” he explained. Freeport regime helps to develop aqua farms in Vladivostok, Russian far East.
As representatives of Kairos DV noted, “the company has earned a reputation as a reliable and stable partner with a professional approach to work in the field and in the market.” “Responsible business, international cooperation and new vectors of continuous development jointly with OOO “Dalston-Marin” give our company’s prospects for further successful development. We see the growing consumption of seafood in Russia, and we understand that our products are highly valued in the market and in-demand abroad. Together with “Dalston-Marin” we produce and deliver seafood to the Russian market, as well as in China, the Republic of Korea and Japan. We produce about 40 tons of mussels, 15 tons of oysters, 7.5 tons of scallops, and 2.5 tons of trepang per month, ” said Oleg Gritsenko, the company’s Director.
Recall that at present, 425 projects with a total investment of 2.9 trillion rubles are being implemented by ASEZ residents in the far East and the free port regime helps to develop aqua farms in Vladivostok.


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