Dual Citizenship In Russia


Dual Citizenship In Russia, Grounds For Obtaining

President of the Russian Federation has issued a new decree that in 2020 introduces many new positive and optimistic changes to the basic law on Citizenship of Russia. Let’s look at and study together these changes in detail and how to get dual citizenship in Russia.

Resettlement Of Compatriots: New In The Law On Citizenship

The new Article 29 will Supplement part 1 with content that allows the President of the Russian Federation to determine for humanitarian purposes the categories of foreign citizens who need to be issued a passport under a simplified procedure, without observing the above conditions, except for the obligation to comply with Russian legislation.
The New law introduces fundamental changes and focuses on the expanded powers of the President of the Russian Federation for humanitarian purposes by lawmakers, and on establishing a simplified regime for obtaining the country’s citizenship for a certain category of foreign citizens who would like to get dual citizenship in Russia.

Amendments and additions to the law on Russian citizenship in 2020

But times change, and so do life situations. In the last decade, many former compatriots have started to return to their homeland and want to restore their citizenship of the Russian Federation. For this category of foreigners, citizenship can be restored in the General order, only it takes 3 years to live in Russia continuously, not 5 years.

Dual citizenship in Russia

It happens that citizens of Russia will lose this status. To 01.09.2020 years this was always done voluntarily. Many Russians refused Russian citizenship in order to obtain citizenship in another country where they moved to permanent residence. The procedure for withdrawing from civil status is lengthy, involving the collection of a large number of certificates, statements, certificates, and other papers for dual citizenship in Russia.

Lawson Citizenship of The Russian Federation

The list of persons eligible for citizenship has been expanded, and requirements for the provision of a corresponding set of documents have been introduced. These points are covered in detail in paragraphs 5-10 of the subparagraph “G” of paragraph 14 of the Decree. Among such a list of persons appeared:

  • people who have a child with Russian citizenship, but have lost a second parent for various reasons;
  • people who received higher education after 01.07.2002 and have worked at the Russian enterprise for at least 3 years;
  • owners of entrepreneurial businesses in the Russian Federation with an authorized capital of at least 10,000,000 rubles for more than 3 calendar years;
  • sponsors who have invested money in the authorized capital of organizations registered in the Russian territory ( an investment of at least 10 %).

“When granting citizenship of the Russian Federation on the basis of Article 13 of the Federal law 62 together with the application (Annex No. 1) submitted: one of the documents, confirming the existence of a legitimate source of livelihood (certificate of income of physical persons, the tax Declaration on the tax to incomes of physical persons with a mark of the tax authority, certificate of employment, employment history, pension certificate or certificate of territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on the appointment of pensions, confirmation of receipt of alimony, certificate of deposit with a credit institution indicating the account number, certificate of inheritance, certificate of income of the person who is dependent on the applicant, or other document confirming receipt of income from activities not prohibited by law)”.

Changes And Additions To The New Law On Obtaining Russian Citizenship

If you meet one of these criteria, you must contact the regional office of the migration service on the territory of Russia and the state of your current residence. After collecting all the necessary documentation and writing the application, an official response will be given.

Until 2020, namely, until the adoption of the Supplement, there were slightly different conditions for obtaining Russian citizenship. There were multiple schemes for simplified citizenship, and there were many lawsuits due to disagreements in determining the rights and obligations of a person who get dual citizenship in Russia.

New In The Citizenship Law In 2020: What Will Change?

The explanatory note to the bill states that granting the President the right to determine the categories of foreigners who need to be allowed to obtain simplified citizenship will help avoid the threats that hang over compatriots living in unstable regions.

  • children and parents, spouses of Russian citizens;
  • persons born on the territory of the Soviet Union and their children;
  • individual entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors working in Russia;
  • persons recognized as native Russian speakers;
  • former citizens of the USSR;
  • WWII veterans;
  • so-called compatriots and members of their families, and some others.
  • everyone who has a home in Russia and has lived in Russia for more than 3 or 5 years.

What Is New In The Law On Dual Citizenship In Russia in 2020

Legislative acts regulating the life of foreign persons in Russia have been repeatedly amended and changed since the date of their publication. This year, changes were made to Federal law No. 62 of 31.05.2002. Let’s look at the new law on Russian citizenship in 2020 with amendments and additions, as well as innovations in other laws related to the life of foreigners in Russia.
In April 2016, the President of Russia signed a decree on the abolition of the FMS. This was followed by a new structural division in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation – the Main Directorate for migration or GUVM. It assumed the authority of the FMS. By Presidential decree No. 395 of August 4, 2016, the Regulation on the procedure for considering issues of Russian citizenship was amended, according to which all references and names of the abolished service were replaced with new, relevant ones.

President Made It Easier for Ukrainians And Others To Obtain Russian Citizenship

“And when I returned to my hometown, where I grew up and studied, I was assigned to work. When you get home, you find yourself in the queue with everyone who wasn’t born. Why is there no law to return citizenship by birthright? How is it done in Norway in a few days? Yes, that’s just the fact that you get a resettlement program Fig in many areas, at the local level, laws are passed on which 80% of applicants are denied in some places, the reasons for example-lack of higher education, lack of a permanent place of work for the next 2 years, the profession is not in demand in the region, etc. I know many people up to 30 years old who were refused, although who to take if not young?” Told Vladimir Dolmatov, a former citizen of Ukraine.

Dual citizenship in Russia, grounds for obtaining for Ukraine citizens

Law On The Citizenship Of The Russian Federation 2020

What’s new in the law on citizenship of the Russian Federation? in 2020 the New law on obtaining Russian citizenship today shows that certain changes have occurred in the Russian migration policy, which all potential citizens of our country should definitely pay attention to. Let’s look at these nuances in more detail.
Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have reached the age of eighteen years and have legal capacity have the right to apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner without complying with the conditions provided for in paragraph ” a ” of part one of article 13 of this Federal law, if these citizens and persons.

The New Law On Simplified Citizenship Of The Russian Federation 2020

  • People whose parents are citizens of the Russian Federation and are currently unable to work.
  • Spouses of Russians.
  • Military personnel of the Russian army.
  • Participants of the state program “Compatriots”.
  • Investors and businessmen investing and organizing business in Russia.
    You can get a residence permit for three years. You will not be able to extend the document. Therefore, the next stage should not be delayed. You need to apply for a residence permit six months before the end of the temporary residence permit and two months for participants of the state program “Compatriots”.

The new law on obtaining Russian citizenship today shows that certain changes have occurred in the Russian migration policy, which all potential citizens of our country should definitely pay attention to. Let’s look at these nuances in more detail. Why do we need a new bill that provides a solution to problems related to the regulation of obtaining local citizenship. It provides an official background for all processes of registration of citizenship.

Decree on Russian Citizenship 2020

According to the latest changes in the legal framework, the simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship makes it possible to quickly change your place of residence and become a citizen of another country. According to the law and innovations, Ukrainians can not apply to the migration service of Ukraine and get consent.

  • foreigners who are currently living outside the Republic, have reached the age of 18 and have applied to the Consulate with this application in person;
  • legally work at Russian enterprises and fully support themselves financially;
  • it is mandatory to apply to the management body with a statement of renunciation of previous citizenship.
  • has been married to a Russian citizen for at least 3 years;
  • currently has a child of his own or an adopted child;
  • has recognized scientific achievements, as well as achievements in the field of science and culture;
  • is a highly qualified specialist in the specialty, which is in demand in the Russian Federation;
  • is a political refugee seeking asylum;
  • has a direct relative with Russian citizenship, obtained at the time of birth;
  • is the owner of special services to the Russian Federation.
US and Russian citizenship together

Presidential Decree To The Citizenship Law 2020

You can get all the information about the accelerated acquisition of citizenship through the consultation of a lawyer who is in charge of civil cases. In addition, the document justifies and displays all the rights, freedoms and obligations of a citizen, the possibility of obtaining dual citizenship. All questions about assigning representation to foreign citizens and newborns have also been resolved.
At the same time, the applicant must meet the following requirements: the category of persons who can apply for preferential citizenship is Defined. Each case has its own algorithm of actions, conditions, and terms during which the applicant can get a Russian passport and have dual citizenship in Russia. Simplified procedure for registration of status belonging to the category of persons who were trained in the territory of the Russian Federation since July 2002.

Presidential Decree 2020 Simplified Form Obtaining Citizenship Of Citizens Of The USSR

Everyone who was born in the USSR, now, if they wish, can get Russian Citizenship and will have dual citizenship in Russia. There will be no need to collect documents to confirm that a person has renounced foreign citizenship. This information was published by the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. According to the source, the state Duma Committee on nationalities approved a draft law that simplifies the process of obtaining Russian citizenship for those who speak Russian. According to the document, they are going to make changes to two laws: “on the citizenship of the Russian Federation”. “On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation”. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to start creating the law, as stated in the explanatory note. It was decided to consider people who were born in Russia and the former USSR as” native Russian speakers”, in addition to their blood relatives who were also born in our country can get dual citizenship in Russia.
Vladimir Putin signed a law on simplifying the procedure for obtaining citizenship for entrepreneurs. the Ministry of labor of Russia presented for public discussion a draft resolution of the government of the Russian Federation on establishing a quota for issuing invitations for foreigners to enter Russia in 2020 in order to carry out labor activities. Dual citizenship in Russia.


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