Grape harvesting in Russia is nearing completion


Grape harvesting in Russia is nearing completion.

Grape harvesting in Russia is nearing completion and according to the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture, at this year the harvest of grape will exceed 540 thousand tons. In particular, the Krasnodar Territory, where about 28% of all vineyards in the country are located, has already summed up the results of the work. Last year, it accounted for almost 47% of the total grape harvest collected by agricultural organizations. This year, the gross harvest in the region amounted to 212 thousand tons against 209 thousand tons (excluding private household plots) in 2018, and the average yield reached 100 c / ha, the regional governor Veniamin Kondratiev said. Harvest increased due to optimal weather conditions throughout the year.

Grape harvesting in Russia is nearing completion
According to the results of this year, the vineyard area increased to 6.7 thousand hectares

Including the agricultural company Yuzhnaya (part of the Ariant wine holding), the country’s largest wine-growing enterprise, it increased its gross harvest from 75.1 thousand tons to 76.4 thousand tons. The expansion of vineyards allows increasing volumes, now it exceeds 8.6 thousand ha – about a third of all Kuban vineyards. Within three years, the company plans to lay another 3 thousand hectares. In addition, the result was affected by the renewal of the fleet of equipment for vineyard care, harvesting and transportation of crops, said Sergey Tarahno, executive director of the agricultural company. According to him, this has significantly improved the quality and speed of all work and grape harvesting in Russia is nearing completion already.
Also completing the grape harvest in the Stavropol Territory. According to the regional Ministry of Agriculture, by November 1, the harvest was 42.1 thousand tons, the average yield was 8.6 tons / ha. Last year, all the economy of the region collected 35.7 thousand tons, it follows from the data of Rosstat.

In Crimea, by the beginning of November, about 5% of the vineyard area remained uncleared, the gross harvest reached 64 thousand tons, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic reported. In general, in the region, fruiting vineyards occupy 14.5 thousand ha. The leader in the collection of grapes is Massandra, which received almost 17 thousand tons this year with an average yield of 50.4 kg / ha. “We survived the dry spring, cold July, extremely high temperatures in the second half of August and the dry winds until mid-September,” said Janina Pavlenko, general director of Massandra (quote from the company’s press release). – Therefore, we did not expect records on the shaft, since such conditions contributed to a sharp wilting of berries. However, almost 17 thousand tons is a very good result, almost as much as was collected last year. ”
According to the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Grape harvesting in Russia is nearing completion at this year and will exceed 540 thousand tons. In 2018, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, agricultural organizations and peasant farms harvested about 454 thousand tons, the yield in all farms amounted to 627 thousand tons. In recent years, viticulture and winemaking became one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the Russian agro-industrial complex, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut previously noted. According to her, if in 2018 5 thousand hectares of new vineyards were laid in the country, then by the end of 2019 it is planned to expand the plantation area by 6.7 thousand hectares. This year, 1.6 billion rubles were additionally allocated to compensate for part of the costs of laying and maintaining vineyards. The total amount of state support in this area should exceed 3 billion rubles.

Earlier, the president of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers Leonid Popovich told Agroinvestor that this year the area of vineyards will increase by 6-7 thousand hectares, and in 2020 – by a record 7-7.5 thousand hectares. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, vineyard areas in agricultural enterprises in 2018 amounted to 74 thousand hectares, and in collective farms – 5.8 thousand hectares. In the summer of 2014, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev set the goal of increasing the vineyard area to 140 thousand hectares by 2020. Last summer, the Ministry of Agriculture announced new tasks: 120-140 thousand hectares of vineyards by 2025.


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