Hunting land for sale in Siberia Russia

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Hunting land for sale in Siberia Russia.

Hunting land for sale in Siberia Russia

Map of hunting lands in Russia

If you are looking for good large areas of hunting land for sale in Siberia Russia, hitting this page you already found the best offers at this market.
You can view all available hunting land for sale in Siberia Russia by clicking this link  “Forest Land for sale in Russia”

Before buying hunting land, we suggest come to Russia and see everything with your own eyes. Together we will drive to hunting land, will show you forest and nature, mountains and rivers, organize hunting, fishing and camping for you. So before buying the land you can feel very well your hunting land for sale in Siberia Russia.

The price of a hunting license in Russia is the lowest in the world at the moment.

For example cost of nominal license for hunt (2018):

wild boar – 450 rubles,
musk deer – 450 rubles,
roe deer – 450 rubles,
brown bear – 3000 rubles,
black bear – 6000 rubles,
spotted deer – 600 rubles,
lynx – 450 rubles,
sable – 120 rubles,
otter – 120 rubles,
marten – 100 rubles,
badger – 60 rubles,
pheasant – 20 rubles.
The cost of a full hunt license for all kinds of wild animals for 1 season is 45,000 rubles ($ 680).In accordance with Russian law cannot hunt to Amur tiger, Far Eastern leopard and some other rare kind of animals.

Also, if you have no intention to buy hunting land for sale in Siberia, Russia, and you just want to visit Russia for travel, for fishing and hunt, we can also arrange this for you. We can negotiate aboute the cost individually with you depending on your wishes, how many persons and number of trip days. Be sure you will like it, it will be new unforgettable impressions for you and your friends.
Also, if in the future you will want to organize some business based on this idea and will invite guests and customers from your country to Russia, we are ready to help in organizing this business. Also as an option we can talk about organizing a joint business. In any case, if you are interested in this direction, please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Hunting land for sale in Siberia Russia”

  1. James Sumner says:

    I would be very interested in visiting your country for in the first time approximately 1 month .
    I would be interested in day fishing trips rivers or lakes . Also not to hunt so much but to see a wild life in its natural habitat.
    Could you help with this and find accommodation for 2 people , what months would be the best time to visit ? Anytime in 2020 for us would be best

    Kind regards James

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear James,

      The best time to visit Russia is from April to October, these months are not so cold, the nature is very beautiful, there are many fish in the rivers and many wild animals in the forest.
      For 1 month, would you like to rent an apartment or house? Or do I need to book a hotel room?

      If you need an invitation for a visa, we can also make it not expensive for you.

      When would you like to come here, what places to visit and what to see.

      Best regards, Andrey.

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