Mushroom Production in Europe


Russia Will Be In Top Three For Mushroom Production In Europe in the Next Two Years.

In the next two years, the production of cultivated mushrooms in Russia will exceed 100 thousand tons and Russia will enter the top three when it comes for mushroom production in Europe. Voronezh Champignon company launched a mushroom complex in the Novousmansky district of the Voronezh region. According to the regional government information service, the enterprise will produce 12 thousand tons of champignons per year. They plan to sell crops both within the region and in other regions of the Central Federal District. The complex uses modern Dutch technology, which allows you to get up to 35 kg of mushrooms from one square meter of the substrate. The company invested in the construction of 2.5 billion rubles. Reaching full design capacity is planned before the end of 2019. The company built a similar complex this year in the Krasnodar Territory, its creation cost 2.2 billion rubles., Design capacity – 10 thousand tons of champignons per year.

Mushroom Production in Europe

“After the launch of the second complex, Voronezh Champignon became the largest producer of champignons in Russia,” Alexander Khrenov, editor-in-chief of the Mushroom Schooling magazine, told Agroinvestor. According to him, three more complexes are now in a state of launch: Vyborzhets in the Leningrad Region, Mushroom Company in the Penza Region and Master Mushroom in the Kaluga Region. Each of them is designed to produce 10 thousand tons of champignons per year. “After all new complexes have reached production capacities, the mushroom collection volume in Russia will reach 120 thousand tons per year, and we will become the third country in Europe after Poland and the Netherlands to grow mushrooms,” the expert predicts.

General Director of Agrikonsalt company Andrei Golokhvastov says that now about 20 projects are announced in the sector, seven of which are highly likely to be implemented. Their total capacity is 51.5 thousand tons. “Given this, in 2020–2021, the capacities of Russian champignon producers can exceed 100 thousand tons,” he said.

Last year, gross mushroom picking at Russian enterprises amounted to 24.5 thousand tons. This is 58% more than in 2017, follows from the data of the Federal State Statistics Service. In the first half of 2019, the production of cultivated mushrooms increased by 45%, the School of Mushroom Growing had previously estimated. According to Golokhvastov, the consumption of fresh champignons in Russia is at the level of 56.7 thousand tons and Russia will enter the top three mushroom production in Europe.

According to Tamara Reshetnikova, General Director of the Technologies of Growth Company, import-substitution, and consumption growth create favorable conditions for domestic producers. The consumer will benefit from this since the delivery time directly affects the quality of the mushrooms. In addition, the emergence of new large complexes at design capacity in 2019-2020 will contribute to the formation of a more balanced pricing policy, which in the medium term can reduce the cost of mushrooms by 15-20%, adds Golokhvastov.

Given the growth in domestic consumption and demand from HoReCa for frozen and canned champignons, Golokhvastov estimates the capacity of the Russian market of fresh champignons at 170-180 thousand tons. However, in the face of growing competition, those companies that are able to establish high-tech production and enter the market will gain an advantage in the market in the next one or two years, while they should have a minimum cost of production, the expert draws attention.

“Indeed, over the past year, the market has noticeably tightened. Mushroom consumption is growing and its reserves are not exhausted, because in Europe the consumption is higher than ours, ”says Maxim Tretyakov, director of the company“ Southern Mushroom ”. Previously, she was engaged in the distribution of cultivated mushrooms, but in May this year, she acquired a mushroom complex in the Leningrad Region, evaluating the prospects for import substitution. Now the company’s capacity is 850 tons of champignons per year, in 2020 it is planned to double production volumes, investments will amount to 80 million rubles.

“Market saturation is faster than consumption is growing. To withstand competition, it is necessary to optimize production, improve the quality of goods, and reduce costs. This is possible only through the use of modern technology and Russia will enter the top three mushroom producers in Europe, ”confirms Tretyakov.

Voronezh champignon was created by co-owners of snack producer Martin. According to, 92% of the company’s shares are owned by Artenz LLC, which is owned by Harutyun, Ashot and Gayk Baboyany and Hayk Mgdesyan. All of them have different shares in the companies belonging to the Martin group, Mgdesyan is also the general director of Martin LLC. The mushroom complex project in the Voronezh region was submitted back in 2016, but construction was postponed due to funding difficulties.


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