New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.


New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.

25-year-old graduate student of the Faculty of Engineering of the Ulyanovsk Agrarian University Petr Ageev invented new generation of grain dryer. Made in Russia. And won a grant in the amount of 1 million 200 thousand to complete research work. It is dedicated to an apparatus that has no analogues in the world.

New generation of grain dryer. Made in Russia.
New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.

For the fifth year now, Peter Ageev has been tirelessly working on know-how – a contact-type grain dryer. If everything goes well, then next year the guy will defend his dissertation on it, and then start serial production of new generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.

The idea was born in the head of a young scientist in his first year of graduate school. The supervisor of studies, professor of the department “Agrotechnology, machinery and life safety” UlGAU Andrei Pavlushin inspired young scientist Petr Ageev by the topic of grain drying. Flared interest and – eureka!

New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.
Petr Ageev. New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.

– I came up with a contact type grain dryer literally in a day. Together with my father (he once graduated from the engineering faculty and worked in his specialty) we found suitable parts, mechanisms and assembled the device in the garage of our house in Krestovo-Gorodishche. We borrowed the so-called “vibration boards” from the combine, along which grain moves, we added heating elements, a fan, ”said Peter Ageev. – The first experiments were successfully completed in the production conditions of the local peasant farm “Makarov”. The farmer assured that he was satisfied with the result and, as soon as the agricultural machine went on sale, he would certainly buy it. New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.

New generation of grain dryer. Made in Russia.

The uniqueness of the Ulyanovsk apparatus lies in the fact that it works on a completely different principle than the rest. -Nowadays, convection-type grain dryers are mainly used in production, i.e. there is a blowing with heated air. In our case, the principle of the pan is used, ”says the graduate student. – The grain moves on a heated surface (its temperature is not higher than 40 degrees), slightly touching the surface, thereby removing excess moisture from it. Cold weather is not a hindrance: there is thermal insulation around the transporting working body, which does not allow the environment to influence the drying process. It is proved that such a device is much more profitable: cheaper and less energy-consuming than its predecessors.

Ton per hour is not the limit.
The capacity of the Ageev grain dryer is half a ton per hour, although its capacities range from 100 kg to 1 ton. It is possible to bring the conveyor to 15 tons, but further research is needed for this. The grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research won the other day will help just in this. The amount is impressive – 1 million 200 thousand.

It just seems like a large amount. In fact, in order to make a prototype, on which all studies of the device will be conducted, it will take a lot of money. Equipment, including a moisture meter, a multimeter, is expensive, ”explained Peter. “But with a grant it’s realizable.” The result and report for the RFBR will be a candidate degree. New generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.

New generation of grain dryer. Made in Russia.

However, now Ageeva grain dryer has 15 patents, given all varieties of designs. And in co-authorship, our hero has patented 40 more agricultural devices, and 12 are waiting in line at the patent office. Two senior mentors help the young scientist in his research activities – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of UlGAU Andrei Pavlushin and Head of the Department of Agrotechnologies, Machines, Life Safety, UlGAU, Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kurdyumov.
“This is not our first development on grain dryers, but Petr is the first graduate student who takes his project to a new level, actively participates in contests, arouses young people’s interest in science and proves that it can be earned,” commented Andrei Pavlushin on – The work is more focused on drying seed seeds, where it is important to preserve all its qualities and properties. In fact, we are talking about creating a selection grain dryer. And in this performance, it has excellent prospects.

Farmers are waiting for new generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.

A new generation grain dryer is known not only in a narrow scientific community. This spring, Ageev presented it in scientific battles at his own university and, having gathered the most applause and cheers on the sound level meter, presented the project in the final battle of Science Slam. Brightly and with humor, in an accessible language, Peter told the guests of the Matryoshka restaurant what his half-million baby was good for. That is how many rubles, according to his calculations, will cost the release of the first grain dryer. It remains to prepare a business plan. Taking this one more milestone will help in this – the All-Russian contest “U.M.N.I.K.” this fall.

New generation of grain dryer. Made in Russia.
Petr Ageev.


U.M.N.I.K. (participant in the youth scientific and innovative competition) is the only mass program in the country to identify and support young scientists who are striving for self-realization through innovative activity. U.M.N.I.K. exists since 2007. During this time, 70 thousand people took part in it, more than 12 thousand became winners. The program is carried out in five areas and is designed for two years. Each winner of the program receives 500 thousand rubles for two years. The fund finances the implementation of projects aimed at conducting research.

The funds won will allow to start a project, produce the first batch of grain dryers and start selling them. And there are already enough interested people. Peter even received letters from several Russian farmers with a request to beacon them as soon as the device goes on sale. Happy to buy new generation of grain dryers. Made in Russia.


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