Agricultural land 3118 ha.


Russian Federation, Primorsky Krai, Pozharsky District

$155000.00 $160000.00

Agricultural land
3118 hectares (7705 acres)


Agricultural land for sale in Russia. Total size is 3118 hectares (7705 acres). Cadastral numbers: 25:15:010301:1818, 25:15:010101:344, 25:15:010401:6825

The plots are located in the Pozharsky district along the federal highway in close proximity to each other, separated by a road or stream.
This is a very low cost in the market. Payback less than one season. The mild climate is ideal for agricultural work.
Near the river.
Soil samples have been made confirming the ideal soil fertility for growing any crops.
In addition, the right to lease land for the construction of agricultural facilities is transferred.
Direct negotiations with the owner.

13 thoughts on “Agricultural land 3118 ha.”

  1. I want to buy this land. Kindly contact me at +91-9820582648

  2. admin says:

    Hello Dear Anup K. Singh,

    at the moment this plot of land “Agricultural land 3118 ha.” available for sale. If you would like to buy this property, you can come here to inspect and sign a contract. I can meet you at Vladivostok airport, book a hotel room and accompany you here during your first visit to Russia.

    If you need to make invitations for a visa, we can also do it not expensive for you.

    Best regards, Andrey.

  3. Mehmet Kocak says:

    Hi mister
    I’m interested in this plot, but I have many questions.
    1. Is the plot flat or not ? I would like to know the topographie.
    2. How many hectars can you cultivate ?
    3. For the farming we need many things ( tractors combine and equipment). Is there any financing from the bank ?
    4. Is there any companies that would be interested to buy the productions that we will eventually produces (soya and corn)?
    5. What kind of encouragement does the Russian government offer?
    6. If there’s any problem, can we reach out to a service or mechanic?
    7. Is it easy to find employees and tractor riders to work on the farm?
    8. Is there any grain dryer or are we going to built it ourselves?

    To answer my questions you can text me on the following number 1514-606-0212.

    -Mehmet Kocak

    Thank you!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Mehmet Kocak,

      Thank you for your interest in Russia and our work here.

      1) using this map and knowing the GPS coordinates 46°26’53.4″N 134°24’50.1″E you can easily see how much this land is high above sea level and how this land is flat.
      This land is flat, but has not been plowed for several years and you need to clean and prepare it well before the first plowing

      2) About 3,100 hectares can be cultivated. The remaining hectares are roads, canals, and so on.

      3) Yes, if you have an agricultural company and agricultural land, banks, along with state support, give cheap long-term loans for the purchase of agricultural equipment without problems.

      4) In Ussuriysk, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk there are a lot of soy and corn processing plants that buy soy and corn in unlimited quantities. Also, the Chinese border is very close and Chinese businessmen like come directly to the field and buy soy in unlimited quantities for cash. The more soy you have for sale, the more expensive the price is for you. Chinese business style.

      5) About government support, please read the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. A lot of information and a lot of support programs. There is English language, please see the link

      6) After you have bought a tractor, the tractors have 5 years of free warranty service. If something breaks down, you call and the company arrives and changes the necessary parts or repairs it.

      7) It’s not hard to find employees. But it’s not very easy to find very good employees))) I think the situation is like everywhere.

      8) Each factory and companies that buy grain have grain dryer. You do not need to build an grain dryer. You can start building the grain dryer later, when there will already be a good and stable harvest here from agriculture. But this is not necessary.

      If you will have any further questions, please feel free to ask us.

      Best regards, Andrey.

  4. Akm Akramul hoque says:

    I wants to buy 3118 ha agricultural land from you..

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Akm Akramul,

      Thank you for your interest in Russia and our work here.

      yes, at the moment this plot of land “Agricultural land 3118 ha.” available for sale, if you would like to buy, you can come here to see this property and sign a contract.

      Here I will meet you at the airport, book a room at the hotel and will accompany you and help you during your first trip to Russia.

      If you need an invitation letter for a visa, we can also make it not expensive for you.

      If you will have any other questions, please feel free to ask me.

      Best regards, Andrey.

  5. Matthew M says:

    I would like to buy this land for twice the price you have listed. In my country a small house + 1 acre costs $450,000 USD. So this would be a great investment for me.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Matthew M,

      Thank you for your kind interest in Russia and our work here.

      Yes, at the moment this land is available for sale, but we do not know what to do with your house. Try to sell your house and then come to Russia to buy this farm.
      House prices in many countries are very high due to bank lending to these processes, insurance, and so on, but the cost of construction and building materials for this usually does not exceed half the cost.
      So if your house costs $ 450,000 in your country, this does not mean that the owner of a Russian farm wants to exchange it, because now Russians are no longer so stupid to buy soap bubbles.

      Best regards, Andrey.

  6. Raghubir Singh says:

    Is all the land flat. Tell me all. How much expense for a water pump there. What is rate of electricity per kwh. Can I pay the amount in installments. What is taxes of this land per year. Tell me about temperature all the season. For summer and winter

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Raghubir Singh,

      Yes, this land is almost flat. Water is free here, we do not pay for water in Russia. Price for electricity 1.65 rubles (or rupees almost the same) per kwh If you put solar panels then for free. Yes, installment payment is possible but not more than 1 year. The land tax for this land is 37,000 rubles per year.The growing season is from April to November. Winter wheat is planted in November. Temperature from May to September +25 +30, from November to March 0 – 10

      Best regards, Andrey.

  7. raghubir singh says:

    Which is the nearest village and city from this land and how much China from it

  8. raghubir singh says:

    What is the transport vehicle from nearby village to city. What is the population of nearest one. Is electricity connection is available on this land

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Raghubir Singh,

      Nearest city Blagoveshchensk. About 80 km from the Chinese border.
      Connect the electricity price of 25,000 rubles.
      The population of Blagoveshchensk is about 600,000 people.
      Trains, buses and other transport in Russia are cheap and work everywhere and constantly without problems. The first time you fly here, I or another of our employees will meet you and go to this farm together ..

      Best regards, Andrey.

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