Agricultural land 3517 ha.


Primorsky kray, Dalnerechensky District, Salskoye village.

$950000.00 $1000000.00

Agricultural land
3517 hectares (8690 acres)


Agricultural land 3517 ha. or 8690 acres for sale in the Russian Far East.

Agricultural land 3517 ha. for sale in Russia. Total size is 3517 hectares or 8690 acres. Good access roads, power line, water supply, 4G cellular communication and Internet are all available on this farm.

This land located very close to the Khabarovsk-Vladivostok highway and the railway, which is very convenient for transporting of the crop. At the moment, this farm is under a direct long-term lease contract with the government for 49 years with the right to re-register in private ownership after 5 years of good-faith lease.

There are no restrictions for foreign investors, because it is a long-term lease contract. All documents are ready for sale. Full information and legal support for foreign investors. Detailed information on the following contacts:

Cadastral numbers: 25:02:010203:208, 25:02:000000:612, 25:02:010207:714, 25:02:010207:715, 25:02:010207:716, 25:02:010207:3, 25:02:010207:4, 25:02:010207:829, 25:02:010207:724, 25:02:010207:726, 25:02:010207:725, 25:02:010207:770, 25:02:010207:773, 25:02:010207:772, 25:02:010207:771, 25:02:070102:343, 25:02:010207:189. Agricultural land 3517 ha. for sale in Russia.


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