Agricultural land 700 ha.


Russian Federation, Primorsky Krai, Khanka district, Komissarovo village

$192000.00 $195000.00

Agricultural land
700 hectares (1730 acres)


Agricultural land for sale in Russia near the Chinese border. 700 hectares (1730 acres). Black soil of very high quality. The weather and the soil are very well suited for growing soybeans, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, sunflower, cucumbers. Very rich harvest. All documents are ready for sale of agricultural land in Russia. Complete assistance in the preparation of documents, legal support for foreign citizens.
Cadastral number: 25:19:020201:181

2 thoughts on “Agricultural land 700 ha.”

  1. Hi
    I need 300 to 5000 hactre land in primorsky kari for walnut plantation where electricity ,water and gas there price 150 to 200 US dollars hactre.i will need to register company for register land on company name .i am from advice me also how to apply bussiness visa to do plantation there. My skype. Walnutnepal. 977-9813513056 is my mobile.for whatup ,viber.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear Anurag Singh tomar,

      Currently this plot of agricultural land is available for sale
      You can come here to see the properties and sign a contract. I can meet you at the airport, book a hotel room. Here we can travel a little together, look at a few properties and choose the best for you.

      I also advise you to look at this agricultural land
      This land located in the very south of the seaside region. Very warm weather. The port is very near which is good for exporting walnut.

      For how many months do you need a visa? Enough for three months or is it necessary for 1 year right away?

      Best regards, Andrey.

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