Agricultural land 557.5 ha.


Selizharovsky district of the Tver region

$207000.00 $215000.00

Agricultural land
557,5 hectars (1377,6 acres)


Big plot of agricultural land 1377 acres between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Near Volga river.  Location – at ecologically clean area, the upper reaches of the Volga river, in the immediate vicinity of the resort of Seliger and the Upper Volga Lakes (20 km), the township of Selizharovo (6 thousand inhabitants). Distance from Moscow along the Novorizhskoe highway is 330 km, from Tver – 175 km, from St. Petersburg – 520 km. This is a collective farm named after Lenin in the Selizharovsky district of the Tver region, cadastral number 69: 29: 0000011: 0199
1. The proposed price from the owner is lower than the lowest in the market and will only grow
2. Investments in land are more reliable than deposits of any banks
3. The collective farm next to the Volga river.

6 thoughts on “Agricultural land 557.5 ha.”

  1. I am a sheep farmer using high technology

  2. admin says:

    Hello Mr. Andre Hendricks,I answered to your email, please check email.Best regards, Andrey.

  3. burtie roberts says:

    i will love to farm on this farm

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear Burtie Roberts,

      If you would like to buy this farm, please arrive here. I can meet you at the airport, book a hotel room, here together we can travel a little and you will see everything with your own eyes.

      If you need an invitation for Russian visa, we can also do it not expensively.

      Best regards, Andrey.

  4. malory kramer says:

    very good land for not building anprim terrorist cell

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Malory Kramer,

      Yes, now in Russia there are no terrorism and bad migrants, and the process of cleaning up the country continues. Russia welcomes only honest and long-term investors for an honest and long-term business.

      Best regards, Andrey.

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