Baikal Lake. Land for sale.


Kabansky district, Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation.

$33000.00 $35000.00

Beach land
15 hectares (37 acres)


Baikal Lake. Land for sale. Total size is 15 hectares (37 acres).

Beach land for sale in Russia. Located at the cleanest place in the World coastline of Baikal Lake.

The total land size is 15 hectares or 37 acres. Sale is possible in parts of 1 hectare. The price is 33,000 US dollars per 1 hectare. The total price for all property is 495,000 US dollars. Electricity, water and cellular are already connected. Private property. It is possible to sell 100% to foreign investors, this is not agricultural land, so there are no restrictions for foreign investors.

Baikal Lake. Land for sale this is relatively inexpensive and very reliable investments in your future and the future of your children. At present, in many places of the world there are environmental problems, crop losses, lack of clean drinking water, and so on. Baikal is one of the few places in the world that has not yet been infected by a capitalist market civilization and leaves hope for the future.

Cadastral numbers: 03:09:380133:143 and 03:09:380133:143 Link to the public cadastral map of Russia:

GPS coordinates: 52°18’57.6″N 106°48’06.6″E

All documents are ready for sale. Full information and legal support for foreign investors. If necessary, for the first year, the seller agrees to help the buyer conduct business on this property. Contact information on the link: 

Available the ready-made business project that is tailored to local specifics. Which you can download from the link below: Business project. Baikal Lake. Beach Land for sale in Russia.

Also, please watch this video about this property. Baikal Lake. Land for sale.

2 thoughts on “Baikal Lake. Land for sale.”

  1. Navenka van Niekerk says:

    Hi there,
    I’m very interested in not just this property but a few others as well. My Son is currently studying at Lobachevsky, his major is IT. We are from South Africa. I see potential in all the properties you advertise.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear Navenka van Niekerk,

      Thank you for your interest in our work here and sorry for the delay in responding, a lot of work lately. It is very good that your son is studying IT, this is a very promising and profitable business direction.
      Yes, there are quite a lot of good and not expensive real estate and farm land for sale in Russia now. There is a choice. Our team tries to choose and place only profitable and interesting offers for the sale of real estate in Russia. We don’t post everything in a row))) If you are interested in something, you can fly here (one of our co-workers will meet you at the airport), view and choose a farm or other property or ready-made business for sale, we will help you register a company, make visas, register real estate, make a verbal translation of your documents into Russian and other necessary services. If you are planning to move to Russia, we can help you set up your life here for the first time.

      Best regards, Andrey.

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