Beach land 39.5 ha. Great place!


Shamora beach, Vladivostok

$12990000.00 $13000000.00

Beach land
39.5 hectares (97.6 acres)


Beach land for sale in Russia, Vladivostok, Shamora beach, Lazurnaya Bay.

Cadastral number: 25:28:050089:347  Beach land for sale in Russia. Location of the object:
– Primorsky Krai, city of Vladivostok,
– The territory directly adjoins to the Shamora beach (Lazurnaya Bay).
– This bay, being the place for active recreation of residents not only in Vladivostok, but also in all Primorsky Krai and neighboring regions and very popular in the Asia-Pacific region, currently developing intensively.
– The following stable external links were noted by the fixation of the structural and functional organization of the territory: from the west – the Vladivostok – Okeanskaya – Lazurnaya motorway; from the south – the highway Vladivostok – Gornostay – Lazurnaya. In the northern direction the highway Artem – Muravinaya – Lazurnaya. This allows you to get from the city center of Vladivostok to the area in question for 30-40 minutes, from Artem – for 40-60 minutes.
– Transport accessibility of this territory is also provided due to the possibility of going to the road leading to it from the highway about. Russian Island – Sedanka – Peninsula De Friz – Airport – Gornostay. 15 kilometers to the north-east from the site along the highway towards Artem (in the village of Muravinaya) is the territory of one of the four Russian gambling zones – the Primorye zone (Tiger de cristal casino).
– In the adjacent bay in the direction of movement in the city of Artem is the territory of the international Children’s Center “Ocean”. A few kilometers from the land along the highway towards the Ocean station operates the Winter Recreation Center “Kometa”, which includes three ski slopes. Description:
– The total area of ​​the plot is 395 012 sq.m (39.5 hectares).
– Type of law: property.
– Type of permitted use – for accommodation of the tourist base “Cote d’Azur”. (zone of development of individual houses – G1).
– TP 630 kW of electricity.
– water – centralized.
– there is a central sewer system nearby.
– The surrounding area has favorable landscape and aesthetic qualities. The spatial structure of the natural relief of the territory is expressed by the valley structure, gradually rising to the periphery. When complex development of the territory by building individual houses, individual groups of houses ideally fit into the relief with maximum preservation and use of features of the existing landscape and minimal expenses for planning the territory. The site is located on the south-eastern slope, which contributes to a favorable wind rose in this place.
– An additional advantage of the land is the availability of three own beaches, as well as an extensive coastal line, which allows to organize parking places for individual water transport both with the use of additional structures (piers) and without them. In the north-eastern part of the site there is already a pier base, which can be used for the same purposes. Beach for sale in Russia

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