Commercial building buy in Russia 432 sq. m.


Russia, Vladivostok, Illicheva street 4

$917400.00 $920000.00

Business Property
432 sq. m.
WC on each floor
2 bedroom
No garage, free parking places
Builted in 2010
no child room
2 floors in 12 storey building
No swimming pool


Commercial building buy in Russia 432 sq. m.

Commercial building buy in Russia 432 sq. m. total area. Located on two levels, the first floor is 300 m2, the second floor is 132 m2. High stained glass windows. Equipped with a bathroom, kitchen for employees, utility rooms. As there are no capital partitions, there is a possibility of redevelopment according to your desire. Installed a professional air conditioning system, ventilation. There is a security alarm system and fire suppression. Included in the general video surveillance system of the residential complex Arcade House. For access to the complex there is a separate intercom. Offer from the owner, in the property for more than 3 years.
Suitable for placing the exhibition hall, fitness, development centers, medical center and …. Consider various payment schemes.

Commercial building buy in Russia 432 sq. m. Total price (including Agency % and sales taxes) is 917000 USD or BTC (ETH) at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. The building has hot and cold water, high-speed and very cheap Wi-Fi, more than 600 channels of digital TV in all languages of the world, Commercial building buy in Russia 432 sq. m..

2 thoughts on “Commercial building buy in Russia 432 sq. m.”

  1. dear sir/madam
    i am called Bongole Muhamed from Kenya and i am a commission agent, my clients basing in southern Sudan are interested in your building and they have all the funds to purchase it , they are willing to meet you in Dubai UAE on the 21 of November 2019, i kindly request to know my commission once the building is sold

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Bongole Muhamed,

      Thank you for your kind interest in Russia and our work here.

      It is all very good that they can meet me in Dumai, but I can only meet them here and show this property. I will not be able to fly to a meeting in Dubai with this commercial property. Better if they fly here.

      Best regards, Andrey.

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