Cow farm for sale 2600 ha.

Russian Federation, Altai Territory, Togulsky District.

$285000.00 $290000.00

Agricultural land
2600 hectares (6425 acres)


Cow farm for sale in Russia 2600 hectares (6425 acres).

Cow farm for sale in Russia + small bee farm + 100 cows, 2 small houses for workers, barns and warehouses + agricultural machinery. Everything is already included in the price.
In 2600 hectares included agricultural land, pastures, hayfields, lake, forest.
Distance from the city: 160 kilometers.
Fully ready farm business for sale in Russia.
Cow farm for sale in Russia these are very low taxes for farm business, vast territories, fresh air and water, ecological clean products, this is a great opportunity to start a new life in a wonderful clean place.
Neighbors are very friendly farmers.
Our support is possible in the first year of your work, we will tell and show everything, please come, buy and start live and work.

Electricity, water, good access roads to the farm.

Cadastral numbers: 22:48:040801:417, 22:48:040801:421, 22:48:040801:419, 22:48:040801:420, 22:48:040801:418, 22:48:040801:422, 22:48:040801:423, 22:48:040801:426, 22:48:040801:427

4 thoughts on “Cow farm for sale 2600 ha.”

  1. Venu chaganti says:

    interested in buying this. What is the closest international airport for this and weather conditions of the area?

  2. admin says:

    Hello Dear Venu Chaganti,

    The nearest international airport to this farm is “Barnaul International Airport” 160 km. only.
    In Barnaul, a cold and snowy winter and hot summer. Spring and autumn are warm and pleasant weather. This weather is almost everywhere in Russia in Europe and Canada.
    About the exact weather in Barnaul now and in the near future you can look at this website
    More information about the climatic zones in Russia you can read on our website at this link
    and about the temperature in the regions of Russia you can read at this link

    Best regards, Andrey.

  3. John Hair says:

    Hi I am in Altai at the moment. Can I look at this property and any other properties you may have in the area?

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear John Hair,

      Yes of course. Under the description of each property you can see the GPS coordinates. You can drive and see every property that interests you. I am currently in Vladivostok. If you like any property, let me know, I will give you the seller’s contacts to meet and discuss the details of the deal.

      Best regards, Andrey.

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