Farm in Russia for sale 890 ha.

Russian Federation, Altai, Ust-Kalmansky District

$149000.00 $155000.00

Agricultural land
890 hectares (2,200 acres)


Farm in Russia for sale 890 hectares (2,200 acres).

Farm in Russia for sale, total area of 890 hectares, 2,200 acres. Located in a unique place near the village of Verkhnyaya-Slyudyanka in the Altai Mountains. From the city and the international airport the distance is only 120 kilometers. At the same time, this is a very private place, random non-desirable people and cars are excluded. The plot of land is located in a place that has a high cultural and tourist value. The property includes more than 300 hectares of pasture for cows and deer, can also cultivate wild plants for pharmaceutical business. Also included a nice birch grove of 80 hectares total area, a lot of birch sap and boletus mushrooms. There are good place with an abundance of mountain and meadow flowers for organize complex of bee farms. Honey from these places is very useful and appreciated all over the world which is very good for bee farm business.

This farm in Russia for sale is ideal place for the development of tourism business in Russia. Perfectly clean mountain river flows along the borders of this land, which is good for fishermen and rafting enthusiasts. There is a lot of ecologically clean grayling fish in the river. There are a lot of useful minerals in river water, doctors recommend drinking this water without boiling and filtering because it is very good for health.In the North West, this land is bordered by the federal forest fund, a lot of wild animals live in these places, which is very good for the development of hunting tourism.

Good access roads are always cleared in winter and not flooded by rains in summer. Electric power line 220 and 380 volts. Cadastral numbers: 22:54:041301:428 and 22:54:041301:429 All documents are ready for sale. Full legal support for foreign investors. Please also watch a video about this land, but better please arrive here and see everything with your own eyes.

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