Farmland 144 ha.


Russian Federation, Altai Territory, Ust-Kalmansky District

$27000.00 $29000.00

Agricultural land
144 hectares (356 acres)


Farm land for sale in Russia, Altai Republic 144 hectares (356 acres).

The total area the farm land for sale in Russia, Altai Republic is 144 hectares. Land for agricultural activities. Land in private ownership.
Exchange for car, grain, container, agricultural equipment, consider the options. Cryptocurrency payment is possible (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum). Property buy for cryptocurrency.
This¬†farm land for sale in Russia, Altai Republic Ideal for keeping a cow farm, poultry farm, sheep farm, horse farm, sheep, recreation center …
Possible small bargaining, exchange, payment by installments, rent with subsequent redemption.

Electricity, water, good access roads.
Cadastral number: 22:54:041201:42

8 thoughts on “Farmland 144 ha.”

  1. Elma Rautenbach says:

    Good evening. I am a farmer from South Africa and am very interested in this farm for sale. It is kindly enquired whether I will be able to purchase the farm, being a foreigner. Also whether it is allowed to build a house and live on the farm.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear Elma Rautenbach,

      Thank you for your interest in our work.

      As a foreigner, you will need to register a Russian agricultural company and your Russian company will open an account in a Russian bank and buy this farm. The cost of registering a Russian company is 20,000 rubles (310USD) and will take 10 days to complete.

      Yes, on agricultural land it is allowed to build buildings for agricultural activities, sheds, hangars, small one-story houses for for managers and workers. Not allowed to build hotels, high-rise buildings and other buildings are not intended for agricultural activities.

      Best regards, Andrey.

  2. Raheem Zouman says:

    Good day
    i wish to know if this offer is open to foreigners like me to make and offer. i also wish to know if the asking price of this property could be negotiabe

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear Raheem Zouman,

      Yes, this offer is open to foreigners like you))) We can talk about a small discount during a joint inspection of this property.

      Best regards, Andrey.

  3. Hitarlal dangi says:

    I am from india which agriculture practices can be performed in Russia

    1. admin says:

      Hello Hitarlal dangi,

      I do not quite understand your question, what do you mean?

      Best regards, Andrey.

  4. Rana Farooq Haider Khan says:

    Dear, my WhatsApp is +92 333 5466570. I lived in Russia for some time. Can you guide that if I want to purchase only 25 acres from this property. Is it possible, if possible, then I am agree to buy and will visit Russia October 2019. Please answer me on my WhatsApp. Regards.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear Rana Farooq Haider Khan,

      Yes, in October I will also be in Russia and can meet you here. But this property of 144 hectares is for sale in its entirety and it is not possible to sell only 25 hectares of this property)))

      Please also see these 41.5 hectares, the price is only 25000USD

      Best regards, Andrey.

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