Fish farm for sale in Russia 33.6 ha.


Russian Federation, Altai, Soloneshensky district

$295000.00 $300000.00

Agricultural land
Total size is 33.6 hectares (83 acres)


Fish farm for sale in Russia 33.6 ha.

This fish farm for sale in Russia is located in a very promising and beautiful place. Fish farm for sale in Russia 33.6 ha. Good access roads, electricity, cellular communications. The distance from the city and the international airport is only 70 km. Very beautiful nature, exotic flora and fauna. On this plot of land 33 hectares there are three large lakes in which there are already a lot of fish such as carp, crucian and others. This place can be used as a fishing recreation center for fishing tourism business in Russia. Also through this land flows a beautiful river full of fish.

If you will use this piece of land as a fishing base, your clients can fish in lakes and in the river, which gives a lot of advantages over other similar tourist centers. The international airport is very close and it will attract tourists from all over the world. Highway is also very close and this is very convenient for tourists from Russia and China.

If you will use this fishing farm for sale in Russia to grow carp fish and other expensive fish, it will also good idea and bring a good and steady income, because the market is not far away and the price of carp is very high. But best of all is the dual purpose, fish farm and fishing camp with tourist houses from natural wood. Natural wood is the cheapest building material in these places.

All documents are ready for sale. Fish farm for sale in Russia 33.6 ha. Total price (including agency % and sales taxes) is 295000 USD or BTC (ETH) at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

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2 thoughts on “Fish farm for sale in Russia 33.6 ha.”

  1. Pavone Christophe says:

    Dear company,

    Im interested for the lands in the same area and the fish farm: Fish farm for sale 33.6 ha.

    Farm in Russia for sale 890 ha.
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    Can i asking aproxematif prices of the lands.

    Kind t regards.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Dear Pavone Christophe,

    at the moment this “Fish farm for sale 33.6 ha.” available for sale. If you would like to buy property, you can come here for look this farm. I will meet you at the airport and will accompany you here all the time. If you need an invitation letter for a Russian visa, we can also make it not expensive for you.

    Best regards, Andrey.

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