Forest land 3000 ha.


Russian Federation, Primorsky Krai, Khasansky District, Bezverkhovo Village

$495000.00 $500000.00

Forest land
3000 hectares (7414 acres)


For sale in Russia 3000 hectares (7414 acres) of forest land + beach land + agricultural land. Ideal for a large business project in the field of agricultural business and tourism business. In Soviet times, 30 years ago it was a farm for growing wild deers. In the sea, a lot of shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, squid, fish, shells.
Good for growing animals, fish, rice, soybeans, corn, tourism business, bee farm, hunting, beach business. Wildlife Leopard Habitat Area. From Vladivostok only 60 km. by sea. Good roads, water, electricity. A very promising place for smart investors.
All your dreams and business projects can be realized on one large plot.
Private property, all documents are ready for sale.
Please come, see, buy and start working.
Cadastral numbers: 25:20:020401:438, 25:20:020401:34, 25:20:020401:429, 25:20:020401:430, 25:20:020401:439, 25:20:020401:440

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