Hotel for sale. Russian Island.


Russian Federation, Primorsky Territory, Vladivostok city, Voevoda settlement, building 13

$750000.00 $800000.00

Business Property
Land - 5081 sq. m., building - 6380 sq. m.


Hotel for sale. Russian Island. Land size – 0.508 hectares or 1.256 acres – 5081 sq.m.

Hotel for sale. Russian Island. this is the object of incomplete construction with all the finished documentation. Total Land area is 5081 sq.m. and area of 4-storey building (construction in progress) is 6380 sq. m. You can build another 5 or 10 floors more, all documents are ready for this. Good access roads, good 4g cellular and internet but water and electricity are not connected yet but there is not an expensive and quick connectivity.

Cadastral number is 25:28:060126:0001  Link to the Russian public cadastral map  All documents are ready for sale. Also, if necessary, sale is possible together with the Russian company. Full legal and information support for foreign investors. For this Hotel for sale. Russian Island. All selling documents are ready. Documents for the hotel industry are ready. The owner is no longer a young man and he has no strength to continue to develop this business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anytime

Hotel for sale. Russian Island. this is a very good investment, which will bring constant and stable good profit, this place is very popular, the Far Eastern Federal Academy is not far away and this ensures that the hotel business in this place is guaranteed success and profit.
This is a territory of priority development, this means that the government strongly supports the development of business in this region, this means that taxes are very low, it is very easy to get cheap loans for construction, and so on. So dear to the investor, please do not waste time.


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