House 150 sq.m. Land 0.5 ha.


Russian Federation, Primorsky Territory, Ussuriysky District, Kaymanovka Village, Lesnaya street 4

$85000.00 $87000.00

House with land
House 150 sq.m. Land 0.5 hectares


House 150 sq.m. with land 0.5 hectares (1.24 acres) for sale in Russia.

For sale a spacious house of 148 sq.m. with design repair. House with all services. Heating combined (both solid propellant and electric at your discretion. Water from the well, septic tank for 12 cubic meters. Do everything for yourself conscientiously. The furniture remains in the house, call in with things and live. Buy can be used as a country house for a family holiday and pastime, or also be used for renting apartments at home and using it for profit. Spacious living room for meeting guests and celebrating important events for you, combined with the kitchen area. In the living room There is a fireplace in the room, which is pleasant to use in the evenings with your family and watching movies.Two work areas (1st floor, 2nd floor) where you can work out your working moments. 2 bedroom rooms (both have dressing rooms). design projects (made with love). bathroom on the first floor. Spacious entrance hall.

A small veranda at the entrance. A spacious barbecue area for relaxing with a small, well-kept lawn. The entire territory of the 31 hectare site is landscaped and serviced in a timely manner. A 24-square-meter sauna is built on a plot separate from the house. a small recreation area and the steam room itself, a wood-heated bath. Near the bath there is a small pond where living animals run at one time live for fishing enthusiasts. You don’t have to go anywhere, if not leaving the house and not leaving for three nine lands you can go fishing Doma.V pond installed a fountain. there is also an outdoor gazebo and carport, which can be converted into a garage in the future. There is a built-valer for dogs. A small plot for planting herbs and vegetables. There is still a free area for your ideas and implementation that you can implement.

infrastructure developed !!! By the way, the city is within 15-20 minutes of driving by car. If it is not there, it’s not a problem, the regular bus runs 4 times a day to the city. There is a kindergarten, a school, a new medical center, grocery stores, a post office within walking distance. .


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