House 150 sq.m. Land 1 ha.


Volochaevskaya 1, Artem, Vladivostok region

$189000.00 $190000.00

Big House with land
House - 150 sq. m. Land - 10 000 sq. m.


Big house with land for sale in Russia

For sale large house with land, environmentally friendly and in an ecologically clean area.
It is built from a bar 150×150, the lower wreaths are larch.
The foundation is reinforced concrete brand 300, all-inclusive + concrete piles.
Outside, it is insulated by technology and is lined with expensive, durable, Japanese panels.
Interior decoration is made by modern materials of new generation.
The house is completely obzhit, has an optimal residential quadrature.
Was built for himself, in a personal presence.
The entrance and the location of the windows of the house, the south side.
Heating Electric + oil, НЗ-generator.
From heating, water heated floors, electric floor, battery.
In the coldest period of the year in the house the temperature is adjusted to your comfortable living on both floors.
The balcony is fully glazed.
Electricity is a separate dedicated line of sip, 380 volts to the house, a contract for 15kW.
The house is under protection. Off-site + fire + video surveillance.
The city water + Its well, the pressure is high 10 atmospheres.
Sewerage of the septic tank, produced by technology, do not need to pump out everything works autonomously.
On the water meter, electricity two-rate meter.
The fence is made of profiled sheet, on a groove, with columns of finishing bricks.
Gates recoiling with electric drive.
The contract for the export of garbage SDW 2 times a week, a separate container of its own.
Lighting all around the perimeter at night.
On site Landscaping, Lawn + Cobblestones + Asphalt pavement.
The pool for a summer period of time 3.60 m at 7.20 m with water filtration.
Of the buildings on the site
BOX heated autonomously, kitsuras – liquid fuel, the flow of a warm veil “Vulkano”, the area of ​​the room 50kv. m. with lifting gates.
Bath on Firewood, 24 square meters. m. of the beam LISSYAK-CALIBRATED round, fully insulated by technology from the outside and inside, the joints are insulated, there is a full-fledged two-compartment refrigerator, as there is a sauna: a gazebo, a dovrynitsa, a canopy.
The exterior decoration is made by modern fire-prevention materials, metalosiding.
On the site there are plantings of fruit trees, various berry bushes and strawberries.
Separately allocated area for tandyr.
The house is very warm, lots of work and money have been invested, those who understand appreciate it, do not need anything to finish, refine, invest, just go in and live in comfort.
Near the house, within walking distance is the entire infrastructure, a multifunctional center of public services, shops, post office, pharmacy, public transport stop.
From the central road to the house, there is also an asphalt road.
In the house there is all the NEW furniture, and the basic household appliances.
The house is insured at full cost along with the property.

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