Hunting land 32200 ha.

Russian Federation, Primorsky Krai, Dalnerechensky District

$245000.00 $250000.00

Forest land
32200 hectares (79568 acres)


Hunting land for sale in Russia.

Very large plot of hunting land for sale in Russia. Total size is 32200 hectares (79568 acres). If you come and see this land, you will love this land at first sight. There is mountain river and many clean streams from which you can drink pure natural water without filtration and boiling. Here have never been any factories and no harmful production. Nature is the same as it was 1000 years ago.

This hunting land for sale in Russia is a very good investment, as the land (and in Russia too) is becoming more expensive every year. You can simply hold this land, hunt it yourself, use it for a tourist or other peaceful business, collect a pine nut, grow wild healing herbs ginseng and other, create a bee farm, a farm for growing wild animals and so on. If you are tired of working in the city, difficult business and wild capitalism, this is the place very good for you. There are a lot of tasty and ecologically clean fish in rivers and streams. There is also golden sand in rivers and streams. The air is very saturated with oxygen, the inhabitants of large cities may feel dizzy at first time. The price of this hunting land is not very high since this hunting land locate is not close to the cities.

If you have never been to Russia, do not worry, we are ready to meet you at the airport of Vladivostok, book a hotel, escort you to this site of hunting land for sale in Russia, we will show and tell you everything. Our specialists speak English and Chinese, so if you do not know Russian, this is not a problem for you. If you need to make an invitation for a visa, we will also do it.

In the Russian Far East, very peaceful and friendly people live, the Russian government is very highly supportive of foreign investors by law. Do not believe your TV and fake news, all that they say about Russia is a lie. Come here and see everything with your own eyes, I am sure that you will love Russia and this hunting land for sale in Russia.

2 thoughts on “Hunting land 32200 ha.”

  1. zasim chaschin says:

    i am an american but of pure russian descent.i speak fluent russian and i want to buy land around where my grandfathers all lived.well, most of them ended up in magadan prison camp.anyway.i would like more information on this area.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mr. Chaschin Zasim,

      Thank you for your comments and interest in our work.
      Yes, I see your last name is Russian. And it is very good that you speak Russian.
      Yes, the time of the Gulag was a very difficult time for our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. They were very strong people.
      I want to invite you here to travel together and show you this land. I can meet you at the airport, book a hotel, etc. If you need an invitation for a visa, we can also do this, it will take 22 days. Visa price for 1 month $ 95, for three months $ 150. We do this through the State Migration Service, you get a visa in the Russian Embassy closest to you.

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