Investing in pig farm complex in Russia


Russian Federation, Khabarovsk territory, Komsomolsk-on-Amur

$15000000.00 $17000000.00

S.I.O. No 003
Special investment offers
24 hectares


Investing in pig farm complex in Russia

The Far East Agency for investment attraction and export support (ANO API) is looking for an investor to build a pig farm on the territory of the village of Khurba near Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
“The project is in the pre-investment stage. For the construction of a pig farm for 12 thousand heads a year, a land plot of 24 hectares has already been taken. We have developed a business model. It is assumed that the pig complex will include areas of reproduction and fattening; slaughter shop with primary processing of meat, waste disposal shop; other infrastructure facilities. The construction period is 2 years. A map of the existing infrastructure has been drawn up, the project parameters and the payback period have been calculated, ” said Alexey Chepurnykh, investment Director of ANO API.

According to him, the total meat consumption in the Khabarovsk territory per year is about 150 thousand tons of meat, only 11% is provided by the Khabarovsk territory’s own production.​ The level of self-sufficiency of pork residents of the region is now about 25%. To meet the need, it is necessary to build 3-4 pig farms with a capacity of up to 6 thousand tons each. Investing in pig farm complex in Russia

The total market volume of meat products in the urban agglomeration is about 500 tons per month. “Now the products come from Vladivostok and the Western regions of Russia., Byelorussia. We propose using the TOR mode to launch a project for the construction of a pig complex, which will become a raw material basis for the further development of the meat-processing direction of the city’s agglomeration, ” Alexey Chepurnykh explained. According to preliminary estimates of the ANO API, the payback period of the project in 360 million rubles will be 6 years.​ Production capacity per year – 1375 tons. The internal rate of return (IRR) is 35 %. The profitability index (PI) is 1.75. Investing in pig farm cpmplex in Russia

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