Investing in wood processing factory at Russian far East


Russian Federation, Khabarovsk territory, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur

$9900000.00 $10000000.00

S.I.O. No 002
Special investment offers
532 146 Hectares


Investing in wood processing factory at Russian far East

The Agency of the Far East for investment attraction and export support (ANO API) is looking for an investor in a project to organize a forest complex for woodworking and pellet production in the Mykolaiv district of the Khabarovsk territory. The project can be implemented with the help of a preferential ASEZ regime.
“This is a project for the organization of a timber industry complex for woodworking and recycling waste into pellets. As possible locations of the project are proposed sites in the village of Chnyrra, p. Oremif, p. Ozerpah, located in the direction of the Amur estuary from the district center-Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. It is possible to search for free sites within the territories with a common preferential regime of the top, or in other places, ” commented investment Director of ANO API Alexey Chepurnykh. Investing in wood processing factory at Russian far East.
According to him, the proposed available cutting area for the project is 100,000 cubic meters of round wood per year. The planned volume of production will be 30,000 cubic meters of lumber or 10,000 tons of pellets. The estimated amount of investment in the project is 188 million rubles. The payback period of the project will be a little more than 3 years outside the TOP mode, or a little more than a year if the project is implemented in the TOP. According to preliminary calculations, the volume of annual revenue will be 490 million rubles. Estimated IRR 25 %
“We considered the business model, looked at the features of the sites, counted the logistics. For example, in the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur there is an airport, a river port with access to the sea, a road to the center of the Khabarovsk territory with a ferry in the summer. We are ready to help the investor with the preparation of documents for obtaining the status of a resident of the top, and can also take the project for support, including assistance in negotiations with the authorities and development institutions, selection of support measures, development of documentation. Our goal is not just to find an investor, but together with the investor to do everything possible to launch a new production”, – said Alexey Chepurnykh. Investing in wood processing factory at Russian far East.

The payback period of the project is 1.25 years
TOTAL capex 188 million rubles.
Production costs (1-5 years in the top) 221 million rubles/5 years
Production costs (6-10 year in the top) 287 million rubles/5 years
Revenues for 1 year 490 million rubles / year

Production capacity,
including: – production of lumber
Number of new jobs
Revenue (annual) 490 million rubles.
Estimated IRR 25 %
40 people – production of pellets 10 000 tons per year
30,000 m3 per year

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