Property on Baikal Lake for sale.


Kabansky district, Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation.

$495000.00 $500000.00

Business Property
15 hectares (37 acres)


Property on Baikal Lake for sale. Nice land, profitable project. Total size 15 hectares.

Property on Baikal Lake for sale in Russia. Located at the cleanest place in the World coastline of Baikal Lake.

The total land size is 15 hectares or 37 acres. Sale is possible in parts of 1 hectare. The total price for all property is 495,000 US dollars. It is also possible to sell at 33,000 US dollars per 1 hectare of this land. Electricity, water, 4g cellular, internet are already connected. Private property.  Around there are already several companies doing a successful tourism business not far.

Property on Baikal Lake for sale this is relatively inexpensive and very reliable investments in your future and the future of your children. Now every day the ecology around the world is getting worse and worse. Already now in the world there are not many places where you can live and work in harmony with pure nature. So this is a very good opportunity to invest in the your and your children’s future.

Cadastral number: 03:09:380133:143,  03:09:380133:143 please click this link  and follow the public cadastral map of Russia.

GPS coordinates of this Property on Baikal for sale: 52°18’57.6″N 106°48’06.6″E

All documents are already fully ready for sale. This is not agricultural land or land adjacent to the border zone, so there are no restrictions whatsoever for sale to foreign investors. All you need is a passport and this private property can be re-registered for name of foreign citizen or his company. Contact information on the link: 

You can download the ready-made business project for this property on Baikal Lake for sale. Please click on the link to download the PDF file Business project. Baikal Lake. Beach Land for sale in Russia.

Please watch video about this Property on Baikal Lake for sale:


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