Russian Island land for sale 0.1 ha.


Russian Federation, Primorsky kray, Vladivostok, Russky Island, district b. Rynda, DNT Rynda, Building 24

$72000.00 $75000.00

Industrial land
0.1 hectares (0.247 acres)


Russian Island land for sale 0.1 hectares (0.247 acres) – 1000 sq. m.

Russian island land for sale in Russia is currently being offered. The total land size is 0.1 hectares or 1000 square meters, which is enough for the construction of a hotel, guesthouse or restaurant. This is a private property, there is already electricity and good access roads. Water needs to be connected.

Very good location, Russian island, Malaya Rynda bay. Flat and beautiful place, 150 meters from the beach (5 minutes walk) Nearby is the Rossiyanka recreation center, a clean bay for swimming and relaxation, the ability to get there by boat, and good neighbors next to the cottage village. This land has been privately owned for over 10 years. Promising and very beautiful place! An ideal place for the construction of a country house, hotel, restaurant, recreation center. The cost of land on a Russian island for sale is constantly growing, each year the cost of Russian island land for sale in Russia becoming more and more expensive.

Cadastral number of this land: 25:28:060134:3  Link to the Russian public cadastral map

Russian island land for sale is a very good investment for the future, the cost of land in this place every year more and more expensive. The Russian island is a territory of accelerated development and the Russian government promotes and helps the development of this territory. Low taxes, good benefits and other pleasant bonuses are waiting for you if you start your business on the Russian island in Russia.

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