Rusagro Plans to Build Largest in the World Sauce Factory

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Largest in the World Sauce Factory

The company invests 6 billion rubles in this project in the Saratov region. Rusagro Group, one of the largest Russian producers of sugar, pork, oil, and fat products, has signed an agreement with the Government of the Saratov Region on intentions to cooperate in the implementation of a comprehensive investment project. So Rusagro plans to build largest in the world sauce factory and start in 2020. It involves the expansion and reconstruction of the production capacities of the Atkar and Balakovo oil-extraction plants, as well as the Saratov Fat Plant, the press service of the Governor of the Saratov Region reports. Previously, these enterprises were part of the holding “Solar Products”.

In particular, the company plans to invest 4-5 billion rubles. in the construction of new plants for the production of 60 thousand tons of high-tech deep-fat mixtures and 80 thousand tons of mayonnaise in Atkarsk. It is also planned to increase refining capacity from 120 thousand tons to 240 thousand tons per year, to expand the capacity for receiving and storing sunflower from 45 thousand tons to 115 thousand tons, and for processing – to 1.74 thousand tons per day. It is planned to invest over 1 billion rubles in the Balakovo and Saratov divisions. “There are several projects, some are already designing, some will start in 2020,” Rusagro CEO Maxim Basov commented on “Agroinvestor”. – The Balakovo site is expanding for export, the Atkar site is mainly for the domestic market. Investments in the Saratov site are also aimed at developing the product for the domestic market. ”

Rusagro Plans to Build Largest in the World Sauce Factory

“We plan to build the world’s largest sauce factory. We will increase the capacities of the Atkar and Balakovo plants, create all conditions for the products grown in the region to be processed here, ”said Vadim Moshkovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rusagro, noting that the company will produce products with high added value. The implementation of the project will also entail the development of related industries, he added.

According to the Governor of the Saratov Region Valery Radaev, the agreement with Rusagro meets the long-term economic interests of the region and helps increase its investment attractiveness. “In general, the implementation of the project provides a serious foundation for consolidating our region in the world markets of finished agricultural products,” he said. At the moment Rusagro plans to build largest in the world sauce factory. The head of the region assured that the region will create the necessary infrastructure for the new production. “This year we reached the record for collecting sunflower seeds, we are actively engaged in export activities. And, of course, we need our own powerful production facilities for processing products, ”said Radaev. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this year the gross harvest of sunflower in the Saratov region exceeded 2 million tons, according to this indicator it became the first in the country. The company will buy all raw materials from other manufacturers, said Basov.

Earlier, at a conference of the Agroinvestor Agroholdings of Russia, Maxim Basov said that the group will close three oil plants – in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Ussuriysk, and transfer production to large automated enterprises that will specialize in specific products. “We plan to expand the Atkar plant, the Balakovo plant, we have big plans for investing in liquid industrial fats, we see the oil and fat business as very promising,” said the top manager. He did not name the volume of investments in projects then, but specified that it was a matter of “billions of rubles”.

Last year, Rusagro became the second in the country in the production of vegetable oil with 269 thousand tons and a market share of about 18%, follows from the company’s annual report. The production volume of mayonnaise and sauces amounted to 48 thousand tons, according to which the company took fifth place with a market share of 8%. This year, the holding expects to rise to second place from 25% due to the start of work at the facilities of “Solar Products”. Last fall, Rusagro bought from Rosselkhozbank the right to claim the group for almost 35 billion rubles. The debt was secured by a pledge of all of the company’s major assets. Then, Rusagro announced that it plans to acquire part of the assets of Solar Products in order to create the largest oil and fat company in Russia. The holding plans to sell part of the assets and Rusagro plans to build largest in the world sauce factory.


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  1. TARIQ says:

    It’s great Rusagro plans to build largest in the World. Really great we appreciate this great project. People of Russia will benefit from this. We salute to President of Russia Mr. Puten vision during his regime Russia is up. Wish to meet him personally and Congrate him.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Dear TARIQ,

      Yes, I also lived and worked in other countries, not only in Russia. And at the moment I think that the Russian government is the most experienced and wise government in the world, which does not want war but wants a peaceful and honest business with other countries and citizens. Whoever does not believe in this will lose in the 21st century. Because in the 21st century the world will have a very popular peaceful and honest ideology from Russia.

      Best regards, Andrey.

  2. Richard Easter says:

    Glad to hear of this project.

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