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Work in Russia. Siberia, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Russian Far East.

Today, work in Russia for foreigners has ceased to be something unusual. However, foreign citizens should consider a number of features of employment in Russia.

The main difficulty is that not every company is ready to officially apply for a foreigner to work. This is due to migration laws, some documentary difficulties and huge fines, which can reach 800 thousand rubles in case of violations of the law.
However, nowadays more and more employers from Russia are hiring foreigner citizens, every year the legislation in this area is becoming more and more loyal and loyal. And also salaries are getting higher and higher every year, especially for highly qualified specialists.

Foreigners in any country are a socially vulnerable category. The most common violation is an extended working day. In certain areas of employment, there are precedents when foreign workers are paid less. Salaries are often paid with a large number of violations: with delays, step payments, when remuneration for January is received in March, and according to “gray” schemes.
And yet, a foreigner can get a job in Russia with normal conditions and compliance with labor laws.

Look for work in Russia in trusted sources!

A foreigner can protect his rights only by signing an employment contract with the employer. To search for companies that comply with the Labor Code, you need to place your resume on proven recruiting portals. Job sites are checked by employers, so the chance of getting a job with normal conditions is increasing.
You can search for work through the consulate of the country of the applicant; it makes sense to contact national companies that have representative offices in Russia. These are the two fastest and most relaxing job search options.
Of course, you should not discount your searches through professional groups in social networks – but then the process of finding work in Russia or a part-time job can significantly increase in time.

Prepare the documents for legal work in Russia!

To apply for a work permit, first of all, you need to get an official offer from the company. To obtain a permit for work in Russia, a foreign citizen submits an application to issue him a work permit in person through the FMS (Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation), or through an organization engaged in the employment of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation, or through a person acting in accordance with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation Federation as a representative of this foreign citizen.

Along with the application for work in Russia, from a foreign citizen are provided:

  • an identity document of a given foreign citizen and recognized by the Russian Federation in this capacity (passport);
  • migration card. If the specified migration card is not submitted, the federal executive body in the field of migration or its territorial body checks, based on the information available in these bodies, the data on the foreign citizen contained in the specified migration card;
  • a certificate of full-time training of a given foreign citizen in a professional educational organization or educational institution of higher education in the main professional educational program having state accreditation, drawn up by the indicated educational organizations;
  • an employment contract or civil law contract for the performance of work (provision of services) concluded and executed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • receipt of payment of state duty for the issuance of a work permit to a given foreign citizen. In case of failure to provide the specified receipt, the federal executive body in the field of migration or its territorial body checks the fact of payment of the state fee for issuing this foreign citizen a work permit using the information on the payment of the state fee contained in the State Information System on state and municipal payments;
  • documents confirming that the foreign citizen has no drug addiction and infectious diseases that pose a danger to others, provided for by a list approved by the federal executive authority authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as a certificate confirming that the foreign citizen does not have a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV infection).

If you are a foreign student.

In Russia, the practice of employing foreign students is not very common – far from every employer is willing to spend time on the procedure for registering such employees.
If the expat student nevertheless began to look for work, it is worth contacting the recruitment agencies – it is easier for them to find employers who, in principle, are willing to take the trouble to arrange the expat “in white”. Alternatively, you can view ads in English-language magazines such as The Moscow Times and expat groups on Facebook.
Most often, students work in Russia as tutors of foreign languages. This is probably the most common practice, because it allows not only to get an official job in the company, but also to work on freelance.
Career centers in universities can help with the search for work, as a rule, they offer direct access to the employer or work closely with recruiting portals.

work in Russia
Study and work in Russia

Foreign students of universities and colleges in Russia should to know!

Subparagraphs 6 and 7 of paragraph 4 of Article 13 of the Federal Law of July 25, 2002 N 115-ФЗ “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” provide for the opportunity to work in Russia without a permit for the right to work for foreign citizens:

  • students in the Russian Federation in educational institutions of vocational education and performing work (providing services) during the holidays;
  • students in the Russian Federation in educational institutions of vocational education and working in their free time as educational and auxiliary personnel in those educational institutions in which they study. If a student enters into an employment contract with a company, one copy is issued to the student so that he can present it to the Federal Migration Service of Russia (its territorial authority) to obtain permission to work in Russia.

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